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Xiamen Bolion Tech Co.,Ltd. specialize in production of flexible printed circuit board for over 14 years located China. Our clients include small and large companies specializing in Medical electronics, Military electronics, Automotive, Telecommunications, Wearable electronics and Computer Industries. As our products are used in the area where there's no option for failure. We are certified to ISO-9001, ISO-14001, IATF-16949(Automotive devices), ISO-13485(medical devices), ROHS&WEEE and the U.S. UL certification.
The reliability of our technology is built into your product. The proof of our expertise and craftsmanship is in our outstanding products. We have the same target to make your products Reliable, Efficient and Economical. We are constantly improving our processes, which means both our quality and our prices are exceptional.
Utilizing and promoting a systematic approach to quality control results in products that our customers can trust. Using the technical equipment available, we are able to produce and test our products to ensure their quality meets the high standards in the FPC industry. In addition, our organization places a high priority on reducing our environmental impact to lead the industry in this area. By implementing effective processes and equipment, our FPC products are not only of the high quality, but are also environmentally sustainable. This provides benefits for customers across the globe.
Our Quality Assurance Department closely monitors the product through each of the 4 product stages (IQC, IPQC, FQC, and OQA). In addition, we are a member of CPCA, an organization which maintains comprehensive inspection standards. This ensures that only the high quality products end up in the hands of our customers.

Our company provides a workplace that is people-oriented and driven by a win-win mentality. This is accomplished by promoting a spirit of harmony, honesty, creativity amongst our organization. We understand that without the best employees, we cannot produce the best products. Our management takes steps to ensure that our employees are treated fairly and provided with opportunities for continued training and advancement. By continuing our education and learning, we can lead the FPC industry.

By constantly building on our experience on the FPC industry, we have established a solid business model based on quality, customer satisfaction, and honest business practices. Our company’s values encourage and motivate employees to strive for excellence in their work. 

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